Flysurfer Sonic 3


End of 2019 I met with the Flysurfer development team in Austria at Neusidler See and had a chance to have a 1.5 hour test ride on the Sonic 3 15m.

Earlier I had experince on Speed 3s, Speed 5 and Sonic FR and Sonic 2, and one test ride on the Sonic Race but recently I am riding mostly Soul 15,12, 10 and 9.
To make the long story short it was just the best foil kite I ever flown.
Launching was very easy. The kite immediately felt more solid than a Sonic 2. I am ca 92 kg and I was launching the Sonic 3 15m in ca. 15-18 knots, so pretty ideal conditions for a twintip ride. Earlier a similar sized rider was using the Sonic 3 15m in ca. 20-25 knots.
The turning and handling of the kite felt very similar to the Sonic 2 with a bit more stability.
Since it was windy I went for a big air session. The kite definitely jumps higher than anything else I ever tried. It simply glides up in the air. The wind was going down as it was late afternoon but I was managed to jump 12.9m per the woo. The transition jumps are very funny on the Sonics as you gain height by each jump. This means that you land the jump 1-2-3 meter upwind from where you jumped. Also in the case of these low transition jumps the kite keeps in the air a lot. Two things was seriously shocking which I never thought it would be possible on the new Sonic 3. The kite felt more stable than a Sonic 2 and at the same time was also more perfomant.
I am paragliding for 25 years and I know the rule that performance and stability not used to go hand in hand and when you have already a very good design it is not easy to improve both qualities at the same time. For me this kite is a „dream come true”. I always liked the permance of the Sonics and always loved the stability and huge lift of the Soul. Now I felt that this Sonic got some stability and lift from the Souls and I have no idea how they managed to put more performance in this kite but it is definitely there. By the way I was flying the Sonic 3 on the new 50 cm Infinity bar which got the pu covered depower lines and the friction(when auto untwist) of these new rope is ca less than 1/3 of the older version (with the dynema rope) so that was a good surprise as well as that bar felt very smooth. So personally I was very much impressed.


So today at La Ventana saw a 15m Sonic 3 out and about. This was in 25kts (I was on a Peak4 3m) and the rider was boosting huge and I mean huge. On top of that it was effortless and the kite was well behaved. I would say better behaved than my Soul 15m in similar wind. Followed him in, landed the kite for him and found out it was actually the designer of the kite. Looked it over closer but sadly didn't have my camera with me.

What I noticed:
Bridle lines are all the same grey color except the Z level which was red.
Very thin lines, same as the ones of my Peak4 3m.
No LCLs.
Definitely less connection points to the wing.

After seeing how the kite preformed today and I VERY excited about getting my 11m. It was insane.


Команда форума
Производитель кайтов Flysurfer в лице Армина, поросил не размещать на форуме информацию о новом кайте, которая то тут то там всплывает в интернете.
Это просьба. Запретить он не может.
Не важно что делают другие, но мы будем уважать просьбы производителей.
Посты с информацией не подлежащей публикации, будут удаляться.


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Вот и официальный предварительный релиз.
Можно делать предзаказ. :) Мне едет Sonic 3- 11м. Жду на следующей неделе.

Чутка попозжа будут все тех данные.
Что мне в них не нравится, так это ветровой диапазон.
Ни один размер не выбирается за 30 узов. Даже денвятка останавливается на 25 улах.
Но мне кажется немцы тут "немного" лукавят для перестраховки. :cool:

Очень жду кайтик. :rolleyes:


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Немного данных по ветровому диапазону.

SONIC3 площадь кайта м2911131518
Ветровой диапазон в (в узлах)9-257-236-205-185-16

11 размер до 11мс. Что-то совсем не хочется в это верить.